10 Questions to Ask Your Contractor
  1. Do you have a valid contractor’s license with the state of California?  May I see your contractor’s card?  Every licensed contractor is issued a contractor’s card that should be carried by the contractor at all times.  A business report of a licensed CA Contractor can be found at the California State License Board Web site.

  2. Do you carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance? Every contractor is required by law to have liability insurance, and Workman's Comp if the company has their own employees.

  3. Are the individuals who will be working on my job employees of your business? How many workers will be assigned to my job? Do you subcontract any of your work?

  4. Do you warranty the work you do? Most contractors warranty the work they do.

  5. Do you have references from previous jobs completed by your company?

  6. How long have you been in business?

  7. How long will my job take to complete? Sometimes contractors will have several jobs going at the time, so you want to ensure that the contractor will commit to completing your job in a timely manner.

  8. What are your payment options? NEVER pay more than 10% down. By law a contractor cannot request more than 10% or $1,000.

  9. Will you provide a written estimate and how long is the estimate good for? Always get everything in writing!

  10. What type/brand of paint do you use? Make sure the paint being used for your house is specified for the surface on which it will be applied.